12: The Chase – 12: Auf der Jagd

the chase

And again Iwan Frey from Photoase was so kind to take a picture for my project, and it was just perfect :-D.

Will the bird survive? Maybe he can work out some masterly plan to trick the lion,trap him and laugh at him from a safe distance?
Or maybe things are not as they seem and the lion has a good reason to chase the bird (he slept with his wife or something ^^).

Und wieder war Iwan Frey von der Photoase so lieb, für mein Projekt ein Foto zu schießen, und es hat einfach perfekt gepasst :-D.

Wird der Vogel überleben? Vielleicht kann er sich einen meisterhaften Plan ausdenken, dem Löwen eine Falle stellen und ihn aus sicherer Entfernung auslachen?
Oder sind die Dinge nicht, wie sie scheinen, und der Löwe hat guten Grund den Vogel zu jagen (er hat mit seiner Frau geschlafen oder so ^^)?

original 12
photography by Iwan Frey


12 Gedanken zu “12: The Chase – 12: Auf der Jagd

  1. if you ever wondered why parrots only learn how to talk when they are around humans listen to following story….

    once upon a time there was the big jungle where all animals lived happily with each other. Whenever there was a little problem the lion who was the king of the jungle was there to be of assistance. There was only one little problem. A small parrot complained about everything. First it was his wife who couldn’t do anything right, then the monkey who was not jumping the was the parrot would have liked and animal after animal got unhappy. The lion tried to calm down everyone , which he was very successful in. except with his own wife. And that was to much. He got very angry, ran to the parrot and told him. leave our jungle and go to the humans they will like your complaining and if you ever decide to come back, promise to never complain again. And with an angly lion behind him the parrot decided that his future will be outside the jungle with humans or being quiet forever…..

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      1. when I was a kid I liked doing it with strange people I saw,I made up their whole life story by looking at them 😉 sometimes my friends weren’t sure if I actually knew them

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