Fright in the Night – W.I.P.

I was only just a teenager, living at my mums house, when, one night, I had a very strange visitor in my room. It was one of the nights I spent binge chatting on my computer with all the lights on and, as it was high summer, every window and door open.

This must have been very appealing for my visitor because, without any real hope for food, he chose my little, very messy teenage hideout for a nighttime stay.

So there I was, writing to friends I had never seen, completely mesmerized by the florescent light of my monitor when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something flapping around in my room.

Startled, I turned around to see what strange thing this might be and there, on the wooden ceiling, sat the largest moth I had ever seen in my whole life. It was bright white and as big as a teacup, with fur on top. I considered for a brief moment if it might be some kind of mammal, or maybe an alien, and I was intrigued as well as terrified at its sight.

Original Image by TampAGS under creative commons attribution-sharealike 3.0 license. Feel free to use the image I created the same way.

What the hell could that be? It looked like a moth, but were there even moths that huge? The moths I was used to were small and grey and not quite as hairy as this one.

Anyway, I was not particularly happy with a monstrous insect in my room, in case it would bite (or something… I didn’t not the least bit about moths), so I figured I had to find a way to get rid of it.

to be continued…

The rest of the story that inspired me to turn my attention to the fascinating world of moths and creepy crawlers will be revealed when I have finished my Fall Webworm painting.

For now, please enjoy my work in progress post:

After some research I finally figured out what the little monster could actually be: A Fall Webworm

I’m intending to create a very minimalist, yet striking image (and if it is any good I will showcase it in our flat, which is something I hardly ever do). To achieve that I’ll use a simple geometrical pattern for the background, loosely inspired by a kind of geometer moth called Pityeja histrionaria.


What struck me most was the way the moth contrasted with the dark, wooden background of my ceiling, I still have the picture in my head today, clear as day, so in my painting I want to emphasize this aspect by working with bold colors and negative space.

Canvas with stencil
negative space prep

And also, I have an instagram now ^^. So if you like behind the scenes goodies and other fun stuff, why don’t you take a look.

To give you a taste, check out this very special instagram moth- goodie:



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